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From the Inbox: Commitment to EVs produces ‘tangible results’

It sure feels great when our effort to deliver exceptional value to our community shows results – the proverbial “win-win.”

On October 12, the Tim McCann family of Doylestown took advantage of their time at the Fred Beans E-Car Expo to learn everything they could about electric vehicles and to compare the wide selection of alternative fuel cars sold by our organization.

Donna Mullin, CPA, explained the rebates and tax advantages of owning an electric car.

“I have to commend the Fred Beans Group and your staff for the commitment you have shown to alternative fuel vehicles,” Tim McCann wrote.

E-Cars Expo line-up allowed visitors to compare features.

“My wife and I attended your electric car show this fall and learned a lot. We were so excited by the cars, the rebates and the savings that we would enjoy both on fuel expenses and on carbon emissions that we bought two electric vehicles since the show.”

In October, the McCanns traded in their 2010 Prius on a Nissan Leaf.

2013 Nissan Leaf from E-Cars Expo

“The experience was incredible. We felt that we were dealt with fairly in the trade-in allowance and the sale price. The 0-percent financing was a great incentive. Your salesman, David Harrison, was extraordinary, and went to exceptional lengths to find us the car we wanted.”

Examining the Chevy Volt at the Expo

And in December, the McCanns returned to Fred Beans – trading in their 2007 Forester for a 2014 Chevrolet Volt. Again they were satisfied with the sale price and the trade-in allowance, and they found Vince Gajardo “a joy to work with.” He located exactly the vehicle the McCanns wanted.

The McCanns have already received their state and PECO rebates for the Leaf and have submitted paperwork for the Volt. They are also excited about the federal tax credits they will receive.

“We learned about all of these rebates and credits, including the credit for installing a charging station in our garage, at your electric car show.

“Thank you for your commitment to electric vehicles. I just wanted to let you know that it produced tangible results.”

See? Everybody wins!