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2012 Philly Auto Show – one for the record books

It started off strong with a Black Tie Tailgate gala on Friday, January 27, that raised money for CHOP’s Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition. The Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia, owners and producers of the Philadelphia Auto Show, announced that this year’s event went on to set a new record for single-day attendance: 57,331 individuals on Saturday, February 4. The final count for the show’s nine days was 252,194 – second highest attendance in its 110-year history.

With the venue the newly expanded Pennsylvania Convention Center, show organizers were able to add some much appreciated features to this year’s presentation. A new layout made room for an indoor ride & drive opportunity that gave guests a chance to try out one of the members of the Toyota family of vehicles. The layout also put the show on one floor changed the way vehicles were organized so show-goers had an easier time finding those they wanted most to see.

This was the first major consumer event in the new convention center.