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2015 Mustang unveiled in 3 countries and 3 U.S. cities today

Credit: Ford

Today Ford is showing off its 6th-generation, 50th-anniversary Mustang around the world, with stated aspirations of making the American icon a global experience.

But industry insiders have readily pointed out that despite the international launch, the new Mustang unveiled today is as American as ever.

According to writer Bradford Wernie in today’s Automotive News article, “The new car is lower, wider and sleeker than its predecessor, but still has the same broad shoulders and big, bold front end. Those who feared Ford might shrink the Mustang for narrow European roads can rest easy. This horse still has plenty of brawn.”

Ford COO Mark Fields introduced the new Mustang in Dearborn, Mich., today. It will go on sale first in the United States and Canada in the fourth quarter of 2014, followed by China and then Europe sometime in 2015. Credit: Reuters

“We find globally that everyone wants that piece of Americana,” says Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer. “We designed a Mustang and decided to take it global. We did not design a global Mustang.”

It has been CEO Alan Mulally’s goal to expand Ford across the globe, and this launch of the much-admired pony car is part of the ONE FORD strategy to bring greater attention overseas to the entire Ford lineup.