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A message to our customers regarding the Volkswagen diesel findings



To our valued customers,

On September 18, 2015 Volkswagen received notice from the EPA informing them that some of their 2.0L diesel vehicles do not comply with applicable emissions standards and that VW sold these vehicles knowing this information in advance. The Fred Beans Volkswagen family was disappointed by Volkswagen’s actions.  We have been deeply impressed with the durability and reliability of the VW diesel engines and have been recommending them to friends and families for years. As an owner of a Volkswagen dealership, we employ many people whose livelihoods and families depend on the success of Volkswagen as a company. While we are hurt by these events, we continue to believe in the VW brand and believe they will do the right thing to correct this problem quickly.

Currently no immediate action needs to be taken by owners. When a solution is announced by Volkswagen, owners will be notified and we will gladly perform the service on the cars.

We value and love our customers and will do everything we can to support them. I understand it can be difficult to have patience during this time, but that is what I humbly ask of our customers. We will do our best as your dealer to keep you posted.

For the latest news and updates on the actions taken by VW please see

As always, my family and all our team members at Fred Beans Volkswagen thank you for your business and patronage of our dealership.


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