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From the Inbox: ‘A pleasure to do business’

What customers seem to appreciate about Fred Beans personnel is that the size of the purchase – or cost of the project – doesn’t determine how well they treat the people that come through the door. We know that because they tell us so, again and again.

Like this note from JKS in Doylestown. Bringing her 1998 Chevy Lumina in for new tires, she was met at her car by Fred Beans Chevrolet service adviser Scott Kimmel.

“He was most helpful in every way,” she said. “He asked if I had my AAA card, which allowed me a discount, explained everything to me, called the shuttle driver.

“It is a pleasure to do business with the Fred Beans Automotive Group due not only to Scott, but the other people, too. Donna is very gracious settling the bill, and then someone escorts me to the door [where] the car has been [parked].

“Please express my appreciation to all your employees at the Chevy Service Department.”

It is our pleasure to do so! Thanks!