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Another Equus goes home with new owner

Happy owner of 2011 Equus, Jim Manney

See that smile? Jim Manney of Newtown is happy. It’s not only a beautiful, sunny February day, but he’s about to drive off the Fred Beans Hyundai lot with his new 2011 black—make that “black noir pearl”— Equus Signature model.

A long-time Lexus owner, Jim recalls that years ago people would ask him why he would pay so much for what is just a Toyota…and now many of those same doubters are driving Lexus. He feels he is purchasing this Hyundai at a similar time in the evolution of a brand.

Jim’s interest in the Equus began even before he attended the Equus event at the Fred Beans Hyundai store last fall and saw the new luxury model on display up close and in person.

“When the Equus arrived at our dealership,” says Chip Clements, Jim’s sales consultant at Hyundai, “I drove one to Jim’s house for a test drive. He was very pleased with the car.”

But Jim had his heart set on a “black on black,” and the manufacturer seemed to be sending the Fred Beans store only gray and silver models.

“After an exhaustive search, we found his car in Alexandria, Virginia, and brought it up for him. We customized it at his request by adding an Equus emblem to the rear of the car to match the emblem on the hood.”

And now you know why Jim Manney is smiling!