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AutoRewards points: grow ’em, use ’em, share ’em

If your future holds a new—or new to you—vehicle, do you know the best way to grow your AutoRewards points balance to save the most money at purchase time?

You start out with 25 points and receive 25 more the first time you swipe your card. Then remember to swipe your card every time you pay for your Fred Beans service to get 15 percent of your qualified purchases or services in the form of points added to your account.

Without spending a penny, you can add 50 points when you attend one of our fun-filled and informative new owner workshops and 100 points each time a friend or family member you refer buys a car from a Fred Beans dealership.

Also, consider making Fred Beans your go-to place for other automotive services and accessories.
TIRES: Fred Beans service center personnel are trained to advise you on your tire choices and we have access to volume pricing and availability, so you get the best tires for your vehicle and driving style at the best price.
DETAIL: The experts at Fred Beans offer a range of cleaning and finishing packages that can make your car’s interior and exterior look, smell and feel new again.
PARTS & ACCESSORIES: Yep, 15 percent of these purchases also fatten-up your points balance.

Honest, we get as excited as you do when you’re able to turn your service and accessories purchases into cash off your next vehicle. Make sure you bring your card with you every time and swipe it!

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