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AutoRewards: Santa Returns

Mommy said that Santa was coming to Fred Beans.
She said we’d go to see him, so change out of our jeans.
I put on my new dress and Grandma brushed my hair,
And Sammy wore his Christmas tie that Daddy tied with care.
We drove out to the store where we’d bought our new green truck.
When we saw the line was short, Dad said, “Oh, what good luck!”

Mom put Sam on Santa’s knee and stood me at his right.
The man in red then asked us what we wanted on That Night.
Sammy told him right out loud, but I whispered very low.
The girl behind the camera said, “Smile! Here we go!”
The flash went off, then Santa gave us each a candy cane.
He said, “Merry Christmas, I’m very glad you came.”

We gave him hugs and off we ran to Mommy and to Dad,
To see our brand-new photo of the visit we just had.
Mom puts it with the pictures from Santa visits past.
(She gets a little sniffly and says we grow so fast!)
Oh how we love the guy in red who comes to Mr. Beans’–
Thank you all, you really know what Merry Christmas means!

More than 200 photos were taken of families with Santa at Fred Beans stores in November and December.