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Beans funding saves summer reading in Bucks County

Bucks County children express gratitude to their summer program's benefactor.

The Educational Tax Improvement Credit (EITC) has saved the Bucks County Library System’s summer reading program, Dream Big—Read!

At risk due to funding cuts, the program was aided by Beth Beans Gilbert and the Fred Beans Automotive Group in the form of a $50,000 Educational Improvement Tax Credit Grant. Enacted by the Pennsylvania Legislature in 2001, the EITC program offers tax credits to businesses for donating to education programs or scholarships. This year, Bucks County Public Libraries were fortunate enough to be the recipient of one of these grants.

Dream Big—Read! is a seven-week, drop-in reading program running from June 16 to August 4 designed to keep children reading for enjoyment during the summer. This year’s entire program was provided for by these funds – everything from reading logs and prizes to weekly live entertainment. Last year almost 14,000 children participated in this program.

Crowds of kids enjoyed Tom McDonnell's Magic Show this summer -- an event made possible by EITC funding from Fred Beans.

State Representative Marguerite Quinn reflected on the importance of EITC Grants for non-profit organizations like the public library.

“Business participation in the EITC program benefits students all across our state, and provides funding opportunities that are hard to come by in this economy. I enjoyed bringing my children to the library’s summer reading program when they were young, and I’m delighted that this program can continue. Fred Beans’s generosity and the EITC program are a perfect team in terms of bringing tax dollars back to our community.”

Many of the residents of Bucks County are grateful for the generosity that they are seeing from a local business. Without Fred Beans and its EITC Grant, lots of children would have seen their summer reading dreams vanish.

The EITC program approves applications on a first-come-first-served basis by date received. The program began accepting applications for FY12-13 on July 2, 2012.