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Bernard Hopkins speaks at Ford in Doylestown

Bernard 'The Executioner' Hopkins

“The word ‘great’ cannot be taken lightly,” says Bernard Hopkins, and he should know. As a former world light heavyweight and middleweight champion (51-5-1, 32 KOs), the American boxer known as “The Executioner” has had the label attached to his own name time and again.

Hopkins talked to Fred Beans employees about learning from others and helping others to be successful—a favorite business and personal strategy of Fred Beans, as well—at the Ford Lincoln Mercury Mitsubishi showroom, Doylestown, on Monday, September 20.

Although a promising amateur from his earliest years, Hopkins got into serious trouble as a teenager and served five years of an 18-year sentence in Graterford Prison. “I abused the respect,” he says, that he was given for his talents.

Bernard and Fred Beans

“There’s a spirit in the air that protects even the fools in the world.” He believes it protected him and led him to what he was meant to do. In addition to being an active boxer, the 46-year-old Hopkins is also a businessman and promoter, which is unusual in fight circles.

“The reason I’m here is not just because I’m good,” he told about 75 Fred Beans employees. “When I tell the young people why I’m still here, it’s because I invested in myself.”

Hopkins is extremely conscientious about what he puts into his body. “This is my Rolls Royce. How can I not treat my body like it’s the only one?”

Beth Beans Gilbert, Bernard, Chris Gilbert

Gisela Beans, Bernard, Fred Beans

Gisela gives Bernard her autograph. (Just kidding!)

Bernard & Flat Freddy!