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Have Your Car Shine as Bright as New at One of These Car Washes

Car Washes near Langhorne PA

Are you due for a nice wash for your vehicle? Here as the best car washes near Langhorne, PA, to have your car as clean as when you first got it.

Foam Factory

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With their specialty formulated detergents, computer-controlled equipment, and touch-free dryers, the state-of-the-art technology at Foam Factory will leave your car shiny and clean. Their Wash and Wax service will help your car not only have a high-gloss shine but can protect your vehicle’s paint.

They also have their Full-Service Car Wash packages that will have them wash each part of the exterior of your car, hand dry your car, vacuum and clean the interior, and finish with a polish of the rims.

When it comes to detailing your car, they have a range of packages to choose from that gives your car a thorough cleaning.

Jr’s Express Car Wash


At Jr’s Express Car Wash, you will have an easy and quick experience getting your car cleaned. You first will pull up to the touchscreen kiosk and choice the service that you would like. Packages range from their Basic Wash all the way up to their Shine & Protect, which includes an extreme shine wax and triple foam wash.

You then head into their over 100-foot tunnel that will clean, shine, and dry every part of your car. You can then use their vacuums for free to remove all the dirt that is inside your vehicle. This quick process leaves you with a car that brightly shines!

Park’s Best Car Wash

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Open every day of the week, you can come by Park’s Best Car Wash whenever it is convenient for you to have your car washed and detailed. You can stop by for a quick Basic Wash for a wash and dry or choose to get one of their more comprehensive packages for added services.

When it comes to detailing, you can get the exterior and interior both diligently cleaned. They also have express detailing services like their Express Wax or Express Seats.

The Express Seats service will give your upholstery a deep clean to help remove stains and spills on your seats. You can even join their Unlimited Wash Club to have your car washed as often as you would like!

Time for a Car Wash?

Head to one of the best car washes near Langhorne, PA, to get your car back to its original shine!