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Best State Inspections in Pennsylvania

State Inspections in Pennsylvania

For many Pennsylvania drivers, state inspections are coming up and our team at Fred Beans is here to make sure your car is in good shape. We’re here to make sure that Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, and Flemington drivers enjoy their cars for years to come.

Read more to learn more about state inspections and what you can do to prepare for yours.

What is a State Inspection?

State InspectionsEvery year many Pennsylvania drivers have to bring their vehicle in for an inspection service to ensure that it’s in good shape. This typically involves a state safety inspection and a state emissions inspection.

The goal of these tests is to ensure that your vehicle is both safe to drive as well as not producing excessive pollution. It’s for this reason that it’s very important for drivers to remain up to date on their inspections and get them done as soon as possible.

What is Checked During a State Inspection?

Most of what will be looked at during an inspection is related to safety. The inspector will likely start by performing a visual inspection of the vehicle to make sure it looks fit to drive. Aspects of particular consideration here are if there are any noticeable cracks in the windshield or windows or if the doors are operating properly.

The next place typically inspected is your brakes, this will usually involve a visual inspection of the brake pads and rotors as well as a test of the brake pedal. It’s important to make sure that your brake pads are well taken care of at all times and so catching problems during or before your state inspection is very important.

After this, the next area that will likely be inspected is your tires and suspension. The inspector will likely first check the tread depth before moving onto the shocks and struts. They will also likely check your tire pressure to ensure proper tire performance and wear.

Finally, your emissions test will involve an inspection of your engine and exhaust system. It’s good to keep track of your check engine light to ensure that you pass this inspection. Problems such as a broken catalytic converter can cause you to fail an emissions test so always stay on top of this.

How to Prepare for Your Inspection

Oil Changes near PennsylvaniaThe best way to make sure your state inspections go well is to be sure to stay up to date with your vehicle’s routine maintenance. This includes things such as tire rotations, oil changes, and brake pad and rotor replacements.

It’s also important to not ignore any signs of obvious problems with your vehicle. If your windshield is cracked or your check engine light is on, take care of it before your inspection.

Additionally, in many cases drivers can have their car inspected early so they have time to have any issues dealt with before their inspection deadline. It’s generally a good idea to have your inspection performed as soon as you can.

Schedule Your Next State Inspect at Our Dealership

If you’re a driver in the Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, or Flemington area, we’re here to make sure your car is in good shape. At Fred Beans, we offer quick and easy state inspection services that will have you feeling great on the road.

Are you due for your next state inspection? Schedule a service appointment with us online or over the phone today!