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Best Ways to Preserve Leather Seats

Best Ways to Preserve Leather Seats

Having leather seating surfaces in your vehicle is a great way to enhance your driving experience. However, you need to take good care of them in order for them to last.

In this guide, we at Fred Beans will give you some helpful tips that will help you preserve the leather seats in your vehicle for many years. Drivers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, and Flemington should read ahead to learn more!

1. Vacuum Your Leather Seats Frequently.

Best Ways to Preserve Leather SeatsIt’s recommended that you vacuum out the floors and carpets of your vehicle every couple of months to remove allergens. While you’re doing this, you should also vacuum your leather seats to remove any kind of debris that can scratch it or wear it down. While the dirt and dust on your leather seats might be microscopic and seemingly harmless, they can still leave many tiny scratches on the leather and slowly break it down over time.

2. Crack the Car Windows When You Can.

Ventilating your car during the hottest months of the year by cracking the windows when you can will have a drastic affect on the condition of your leather seats. The temperature inside your car can potentially reach upwards of 150 degrees Fahrenheit which can cause fading and cracking in your leather seats. Cracking the windows lets in a breeze that creates circulation and allows the leather on your seats to breathe.

3. Use the Right Cleaning Liquid & Materials.

Best Ways to Preserve Leather SeatsWhen you’re cleaning your leather seats, you’ll want to be very mindful of the liquids and materials that you use. Avoid leather cleaning liquids that have petroleum solvents, glossing agents, and silicone oils in them. Also, be sure to use a cloth rag (an old t-shirt would do just fine) or professional-grade leather cleaning rag. Avoid using paper towels, because they are paper products made of wood, and no matter how soft they may feel, they’re still full of tiny, sharp wood fibers.

4. Condition Your Leather Seats Regularly.

After you’ve properly cleaned your leather seats, you’ll want to condition them. Make sure not to skimp out on the good stuff—avoid buying a cheap leather conditioner. While you may pay a few extra dollars, the high-quality leather conditioner will prove its worth. A high-quality leather conditioner is usually water-based and pH-balanced. Use a high-quality leather conditioner applicator to apply the conditioner, and then buff it dry with a soft terry cloth towel.

Need Some Help Restoring Your Leather Seats?

As you can see, if you take proper care of your leather seats, you’ll be able to preserve their comfortable and luxurious quality for years to come. If they’ve already stacked to crack or peel, you don’t need to worry—our detailing team at Fred Beans can help!

At our service centers, we provide our customers with a wide variety of auto detailing services including leather cleaning, conditioning, and restoration. Drivers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, and Flemington should give us a call today to learn more!


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