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Books: American Icon

Fred Beans likes books. He even built a wing on his Doylestown home for his library. Each Christmas, managers and employees, vendors and colleagues, family and friends receive copies of a tome or story that has captured his interest. He reads voraciously and quotes liberally. He likes to say that guiding his life decisions have been wise and valuable mentors whom he has never met, from Jesus to Vince Lombardi to Stephen R. Covey. He’s read their words and philosophies and whatever impressed him, he’s made a part of his personal and business code of conduct.

Fred recently read Bryce G. Hoffman’s smart and insightful American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company, published just last month.

Lee Iacocca has said of the book, “Bryce Hoffman has done a stellar job of capturing the Ford story—and more to the point showing us how Mulally did it. American Icon is a story of leadership that offers valuable lessons for organizations of all sizes.”

Which makes it exactly the sort of book Fred would share with others and want to discuss in depth to see what lessons could be learned. Check it out: Amazon.com, NPR, Wall Street Journal.

And you may want to study up…there just might be a test.