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Boyertown Collision Center Now Open

Fred Beans of Boyertown Collision Center

Four years in the making, Fred Beans Collision Center in Boyertown is a work of art whose timing allowed the pristine 20,000-square-foot facility to take full advantage of the most up-to-the-minute technology available today. From the greenest waterborne paint system to an “x-ray estimating process,” the new processes in place virtually eliminate add-ons, errors and delays.

From left, Collision Center manager Mike Agia, first customer Marcus Holden of Pottstown, general manager Dennis Malloy and customer service rep Jenn Butler

“The waterborne automotive paints we use in the new Collision Center required all-new paint booth equipment specifically for the new paint,” says Dennis Malloy, general manager of the dealership at 525 Route 100 North, Boyertown. “Since waterborne paint contains lower volatile organic compounds—VOCs—than solvent, we’ve dramatically lowered our impact on the environment. That’s not just for the planet and our community, but also for our own employees.”

“Even better,” says Mike Agia, Collision Center manager, “we don’t have to sacrifice performance or quality one bit. In fact, the colors mix faster and are richer and deeper, and we spend less time on the vehicle because it comes out perfect the first time.”

But wait, there’s more
The entire collision repair process has been configured so it offers the greatest convenience and quality to customers and their insurance companies.

“The process is down to a science,” says Malloy, who has hired an additional five collision shop employees for the 13 metal bays, three paint booths and indoor estimating and delivery areas. “X-ray estimating eliminates guesswork as well as supplemental repairs and allows us to tell the customer exactly when we’ll complete the work. It also lets us communicate precisely with the insurance adjuster. Onsite car rentals mean you leave your damaged vehicle with us and drive off. Your adjuster sees all the photos of the estimate and, for most repairs, can give the okay without even coming to the shop. Your vehicle is ready exactly when we said it would be.”

Through photos, emails and phone calls at each stage of the work, customers are kept informed of the progress of the repair, from break down to reassembly, painting and detailing.

Besides automotive repairs, the Fred Beans Collision Center in Boyertown does glass, paint and paintless dent repair. It accepts all insurance companies and currently has direct-repair arrangements with more than 18 companies.

The new Collision Center features an enclosed drive-thru so you can drop off and pick up of your vehicle out of whatever weather is in play.