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Candidate invited to answer questions at Ford

Congressional candidate Mike Fitzpatrick answers a question

More than 140 employees from Fred Beans’s Doylestown dealerships and subsidiaries gathered over box lunches on July 16 at the Ford store to hear a brief report on the state of the company’s business—and to grill Congressional candidate Mike Fitzpatrick.

In March, at the invitation of Fred Beans and in the same Ford showroom, Patrick Murphy (D-8), Fitzpatrick’s opponent this fall, talked to a similar-sized group about the healthcare bill and his support of its measures.

“In World War II, America had the ability to produce a Jeep every four minutes,” said Beans, leading off the event. “America’s in a downturn right now. My vote doesn’t count in Washington, but your votes, collectively, do count.

“This time last year, I really thought there’d be a chance I wouldn’t be standing up here today. How do you go about disassembling a business? Nothing would have happened if we hadn’t gotten to Washington to talk to lawmakers. I don’t think you realize how difficult it was, what we’ve been through.”

Beans made it clear that he prefers those who don’t tell you only what they think, but who listen to what others need. “I want to do business with the people at the top who understand what we’ve been through.”

It set the stage for Fitzpatrick to take questions from the audience and provide thoughtful answers. He stressed his stance on spending in Washington—“It’s a moral imperative for this Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment”—and his goals, if elected, to press for repeal of the healthcare bill and “work on real healthcare reform,” extension of tax cuts and accelerated depreciation, and a plan to win in Afghanistan.

Beth Beans Gilbert, Fred Beans and Mike Fitzpatrick

“Entrepreneurs and small businesspeople people create jobs,” he said. “That’s not going to happen unless the government gives your money back.”