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Why Is My Car AC Blowing Hot Air?

With the weather finally warming up, the first thing drivers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Mechanicsburg will be doing when they get into their car is turning the air conditioning on. Normally, you’ll be hit with cool, refreshing air. However, what if something is wrong and your car’s AC is blowing hot air instead?

We at Fred Beans are here to help you sort that out. Read ahead to learn what could be going on when your car is putting out hot air when it should be putting out cool air!

Reason 1: One Part or Another Is Broken.

One of the most common problems that could cause your air conditioner to produce hot air is a broken part. Most commonly, it’ll be the cooling fans or the condenser. The condenser can be broken by being clogged with road debris, which isn’t too hard to do considering the condenser lives right on the front of your vehicle.

The cooling fans, on the other hand, can be broken or damaged. The fans can be chipped or even broken off if hard objects, like rocks or sticks, make their way into the cooling system through the condenser.

Reason 2: Your Refrigerant Is Leaking.

The refrigerant in your vehicle is a liquid that circulates through the looped A/C system. This system is sealed to prevent the refrigerant from being exposed to oxygen, which would cause it to evaporate immediately.

When you have a leak in this looped system, your refrigerant will disappear into thin air. Without this refrigerant, air from outside of your vehicle will entire the A/C system but nothing will be there to cool it down. This is when the air that is still hot is pushed into your vehicle.

Sometimes, it isn’t a break in the hosing that’s causing the leak. It’s not uncommon for a refrigerant leak to be caused by a loose connection between the end of the hose and the air conditioning system. These can be easily fixed by tightening the connections.

Reason 3: The Electrical System Is Faulty.

The air conditioning system in your vehicle is one of the many parts that is powered by electricity rather than gasoline. As a result, problems with the air conditioning system can be caused by electric system malfunctions.

Like your car battery, electrical components of your air conditioning system can simply die out because of old age. After so long, all the electrical parts in your vehicle will go through this. However, sometimes, they’ll malfunction due to defect.

If this is the case, the air conditioning system may shut itself down to prevent dangerous overheating and damage to itself or the other systems around it. When the system shuts down, air won’t be cooled, which could be why only hot air is coming out of your vents.

How Can I Fix It?

Luckily, these commons problems with your air conditioning system can be fixed quickly and easily by a professional. Drivers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Mechanicsburg can make the short drive to our convenient, on-site service center at Fred Beans to have their air conditioning problems fixed any time. Give us a call ahead of time, so we can get you scheduled for an appointment!