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Car Inspection near Doylestown PA

Vehicle inspections are designed to ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained and safe to operate on public roadways. While small variations exist between states, Pennsylvania requires all legally registered vehicles to go through an annual safety inspection and emission inspection at a licensed PennDOT state inspection center.

At Fred Beans, it’s our goal to help drivers near Doylestown, PA, better understand this important aspect of car ownership and help keep them safe and legal on the road. Continue reading to learn about what exactly goes into a yearly car inspection near Doylestown, PA, and where you can schedule to have one performed today!

How Do I Know When I’m Due for a Car Inspection?

Car Inspection near Doylestown PAWhen sitting behind the wheel of your vehicle you’ll notice two rectangular stickers on the bottom-left corner of your windshield. This sticker should denote the current year and month your inspection period ends. It’s important to keep this date in mind and not let it expire. Failing to do so can result in hefty fines or the impoundment of your vehicle.

Once your vehicle has been cleared for inspection by a state-licensed technician, new stickers will be added to your windshield with an updated year and month. In Pennsylvania, this period will run 365 days from the month of your last inspection.

What Do They Check During a Car Inspection near Doylestown?


A state-licensed technician will perform a series of tests and inspections on key parts of your vehicle to ensure it’s safe to operate. If anything is found to be too worn or broken, the part will need to be repaired before your car can pass inspection.

Areas that require yearly inspection include:

  • Braking system and tires
  • Steering and suspension
  • Vehicle frame, body, and axles
  • Engine mounts
  • Exhaust system
  • Exterior and interior lights and signals
  • Windshields, windows, and mirrors
  • Wiper blades, car horn, seat belts, etc.

Scheduling routine maintenance throughout the year can help mitigate the costs you might incur during your annual inspection while extending the overall life of your vehicle.

What’s an Emission Inspection and Why Do I Need One?

Car Inspection near Doylestown PA

Depending on the county your vehicle is registered in, your technician may be required to perform an emission inspection along with your normal safety inspection. An emission inspection monitors the amount of pollutants your vehicle is releasing from its tailpipe and detects any issues within its exhaust system.

When your vehicle detects a potential issue, a check engine light will illuminate on your dashboard and stay lit until a full diagnostic test is run. If this occurs between annual inspections, you should schedule a service appointment at your earliest opportunity to have it checked out.

You may not qualify for an emission inspection if:

  • You’ve driven less than 5,000 miles within one calendar year of your last emission inspection
  • You’ve recently purchased a brand-new vehicle and driven it less than 5,000 miles
  • Your vehicle is registered in a county that doesn’t require an emission inspection

Where Can I Get a Car Inspection near Doylestown?

If you’re a driver near Doylestown and know you’re due for an annual inspection, our team of state-licensed technicians at Fred Beans Service Center are here to help. Simply stop into our convenient location or schedule an appointment today!