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Category Archives: Oil Change

Synthetic or Conventional Oil Change?

We’ve seen the signs for oil changes: Synthetic and Conventional. One is priced at about half the cost of the other, so am I getting double the value if I buy the synthetic, and what happens if I opt for the conventional if my car says to use synthetic? Schedule Service So what’s the difference […]

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Reasons Your Car Is Leaking Oil

Have you been driving around the streets of the Philadelphia area and noticed a burning smell in the cabin of your car? When you park, do you notice a puddle of oil on the ground under the front? Have you noticed black smoke coming from your tailpipe? Have you seen the oil pressure indicator light […]

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Your Go-To Oil Change Guide

  Changing your oil when needed ensures your vehicle will live a long and healthy life. It not only helps the engine works exactly as it should, but it also prevents possible damage under your hood in the future. And best of all, you can do it right from your own home. To help drivers […]

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