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Best Places to Clean and Wash Your Car

  It’s important to keep your vehicle looking great not only so you can preserve its quality for as long as possible, but also because it feels good. At Fred Beans, we offer a variety of cleaning and washing services that can help you keep your vehicle looking like it did the day you drove […]

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Fall Car Care Month

Happy Fall Car Care Month from your friends at Fred Beans! This October, we’re proud to provide drivers in the areas of Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, and Flemington with helpful tips for taking care of their vehicles. Below, you’ll find more information about Fall Car Care Month and how you can keep your vehicle in the […]

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How to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution!

Why are New Year’s Resolutions something we all make and then something nearly all of us give up by February? We generally love the idea of shedding our old bad habits and starting the New Year with a fresh start but because these ideas seem great, and even easy, in our heads, we don’t take […]

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Spill The Beans: Car Buying

We’re continuing our series ‘Spill The Beans’ by interviewing Rich Davis, a veteran salesman who has worked for Fred Beans for the past 24 years and is currently working out of our Chevrolet dealership. He’s spilling the beans on insider tips, tricks and common mistakes we make when buying a car. How much research should […]

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Take Back Your MPG

We all work hard for our money so why spend any more of it than we have to on gasoline? Let’s take a look at some ways to take back your MPG and have more money to spend on really important things, like Starbucks. Get Your Engine Running Smoothly. Having regular maintenance on your engine […]

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Spill The Beans: Detailing

Spill The Beans is a new series that gives you the inside information on all things automotive. The series will break down buying and trading in secrets, best tips and tricks for cleaning your car, negotiating strategies, and DIY auto projects. We’re kicking off this series with an interview from Fred Bean’s insider, Sam Zook. […]

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Is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Worth the Cost?

Before we get into whether the value of a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle outweighs the cost, let’s break down exactly what it takes to be a CPO. Not every used vehicle on a dealer’s lot is certified. In fact, only a small percentage of used cars meet the stringent standards. Who sets the standards? Each […]

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