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5 Tips for Buying a Used Ford Escape

For nearly 21 years, the Ford Escape has been a favorite among crossover drivers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, Flemington, and beyond. Not only is every generation of the Escape packed with exciting features, these vehicles are built to last. This is why deciding to make a used Ford Escape your next vehicle is a great […]

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Leasing vs Buying a Used Car

If you’ve just discovered a used car model that you love, you’ll want to get behind the wheel and drive it home with you as soon as you can. Before you can do that, though, you’ll need to decide on a payment plan for the car. You have two main options: leasing or buying the […]

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How to Detail a Used Car

Not only does good detailing keep your car looking great, but it can also protect it from wear and tear. Especially when your car is used, you want to make sure you get the most out of the vehicle and keep it looking brand-new for the years to come. Check out the expert tips, tricks, […]

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Tips for Buying a Used Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you’re in the market for a truly off-road-ready SUV that also performs well on pavement and has room for the whole family, you’ll want to consider the Jeep Grand Cherokee. With so many different trim levels and features available with the Grand Cherokee, you might find that you need some guidance in determining which […]

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Top Subaru Models to Buy Used

Not many cars are as well-known for staying in incredible condition for years and hundreds of thousands of miles than a Subaru vehicle. Their reliability is legendary, and rivals pretty much every other vehicle on the market. You really can’t go wrong with any Subaru model since they’re all built to last. And so, here’s […]

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Guide to Interest Rates on Used Cars

The annual percentage rate (APR) on your car loan is the percentage of the total loan amount that you’ll be charged on top of your monthly payment each month. This is the cost of credit, and it’s how the lender makes money from the loan. No matter how high your credit score, you’ll still have […]

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How to Sell a Car Fast

The speed with which you can sell your car depends mostly upon following all the proper procedures for selling a vehicle. The more you understand the process, the easier it’ll be for you to navigate selling your car in a timely manner. Although there’s no set way to determine the answer to the question, “how […]

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Top Nissan Models to Buy Used

View Used Inventory When it comes to purchasing a used car, you’ll want to find a vehicle that’s got a great reputation for reliability. Nissan models make great buys, because they’re built to last, and you’ll find a wide variety of models in stock at Fred Beans Used. Keep reading to discover our list of […]

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Tips for Buying a Used Ford Mustang

View Used Inventory Since the car’s introduction in 1964, the iconic Ford Mustang muscle car has sold over 10 million vehicles. The Mustang is instantly recognizable in any of its 10 generations since its original release, and older models are considered classics rather than clunkers, making the Mustang one of the most popular vehicles to […]

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How to Increase Your Car’s Trade-In Value

Shopping for a new car is one incredibly fun experience for consumers, but amidst all the test drives and feature selection, you should think carefully about the cost. In this article, our team at Fred Beans will show you a few ways to get the most value for your trade-in vehicle. That way, when Philadelphia, […]

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