If you're in the market for a vehicle, you may think you only have two options to choose from: new and used. However, there's a special third option that combines benefits of the other two, giving drivers the optimal choice. Certified pre-owned vehicles near West Goshen can be found at Fred Beans Used, and our team's here to tell you all about them.

As a certified pre-owned dealer near West Goshen, we proudly carry an array of these coveted models. Below, you'll find out what a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle means, the perks that come along with it, and how you can find your perfect model today. But first, let's take a look at an area we're proud to serve: our neighbor West Goshen.

About West Goshen PA

West Goshen is a quaint and charming township in Chester County providing the ideal place to settle down in a quiet area. In fact, it was previously named one of the best places to live in America by Money Magazine!

One of the local favorite spots here is West Goshen Community Park, where families go to enjoy the outdoors. Here, you'll find a playground, stunning gazebo, and picnic tables perfect for any family outing. There are also mom-and-pop shops, local eateries, and scenic views all over town to enjoy as well.

Plus, when you have a reliable certified vehicle by your side, there's no limiting the possibilities in West Goshen.

What Is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

Much like a used vehicle, certified pre-owned models have hit the road before with a previous owner. However, there are unique qualifications that need to be met to earn this special title. Though each manufacturer has different guidelines for their CPO programs, there are some similarities across the board.

First of all, the model must have a lower mileage and be under a certain age. Then, it must pass an extensive and very thorough multi-point inspection to ensure the car's in near-new condition. Then, once it passes, it can earn the certified tag.

Perks of Owning a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Similar to buying new, certified models have a ton of benefits that come along with ownership. Though each brand's perks may vary, they have a few things in common.

For example, all CPOs come backed by warranty coverage from the manufacturer to help you save on repairs and maintenance. Also, typically all certified vehicles come with a vehicle history report, so you can see how the model was cared for through its lifespan.

There might be other extras included as well, like SiriusXM® Satellite Radio trials, complimentary roadside assistance, and more!

CPO Vehicles for Sale near West Goshen PA

At Fred Beans Used, a certified pre-owned car dealer near West Goshen, we have hundreds (that's right!) of CPO models to choose from. This includes sedans, SUVs, trucks, and everything in between from trusted brands like Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet, VW, and many more.

To see what we have in stock, browse through our CPO inventory online today. When you see something you like, make sure you reach out to our team to schedule a test drive. We'll be happy to get you behind the wheel and tell you about all the benefits you'll soon enjoy!

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