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Chevrolet of Limerick hosts enthusiastic owner clinic

It’s kind of hard to tell whose enthusiasm was greater – the 114 new owners or new general manager Chris Bove – at the Limerick Chevrolet store’s first 2011 New Owner Clinic in early April, a record-breaker for attendance.

“Obviously, 114 guests made for excitement all by itself,” says Bove, who was equally intent on promoting the “all-new lounge and dealership” as it undergoes renovations. “We had people arriving before 6:00, so we were serving dinner a half-hour before we were supposed to start!”

And behind the blue tarp wall is the newly envisioned Chevy of Limerick showroom.

The event included valet parking, which Bove says seemed to take up the entire Auto Park complex, welcome packets, PowerPoint presentation, tour of the facility and Q&A. The evening closed with the added excitement of door prizes.

“The best part was this morning I received a call from a 71-year-old woman saying she has bought cars for years and this was the best thing she had ever seen!” Now that’s rewarding.

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