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Collision nominated for auto group’s award

As one of our most familiar organizations, the American Automobile Association—or “Triple A”—has the backs of millions of drivers across the country. That’s why Fred Beans Collision & Towing in Doylestown is pleased to be named among the nominees for AAA’s 2010 Service Providers of Excellence awards program for the AAA Mid-Atlantic chapter.

From left, Brian DuBree, AAA Territory Manager; John Wachowicz, manager, Fred Beans Towing; Tony Garris, general manager Fred Beans Collision & Towing; Lance Sabouni, AAA VP, Automotive Services

Since 2002, the AAA Service Providers of Excellence program has recognized those companies in the AAA nationwide service provider network that exceed expectations and deliver added value to AAA members. Nominees are dedicated professionals who consistently provide outstanding service, participate in enhanced training programs, take advantage of the AAA business programs and display strong community involvement.

The criteria for nomination include response times and customer satisfaction ratings as well as the policies, strategies and community involvement of the participating company.

Established in 1997, the Fred Beans Towing department of Collision & Towing became a backup AAA tow provider in June 1999. Within six months it was the primary AAA towing services provider for the area. Since then, Beans Collision & Towing became part of the AAA battery program and now participates in the Preferred Service Provider program.

Fred Beans Towing currently has five tow trucks, two battery / light service trucks with 10 full-time and 4 part-time drivers who are encouraged to attend customer service training classes. In 2009, Fred Beans Towing responded to an average of 625 calls per month over its large coverage area.