There are several parts that your vehicle depends on to run the way that you need, but almost none is as important as your transmission. Since your transmission transmits power from your engine to your driveshaft, transmission problems usually mean your car won't be drivable, leaving you without reliable transportation in Flemington, Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Mechanicsburg.Most Common Transmission Problems To keep your car running the way that you want, you need to learn about possible transmission problems you may encounter. Here are a few of the most common transmission problems that can impact the functionality of your vehicle and advice for getting these problems fixed.

Problems with Your Transmission

The most common problem you may experience with your transmission is an issue with your fluid. For instance, your transmission could be too low, either because it hasn't been replenished recently or because there is a leak in your system.Generally, transmission fluid leaks occur when the seals in your drive shaft have become loose. When your seals start leaking, they will usually need to be replaced. You can tell that your transmission fluid is too low if your vehicle is shifting slower than normal or if you're experiencing frequent gear slippage.

Issues with Your Torque Converter

Some of the most common transmission problems involve your torque converter. If there is an issue with your torque converter, it can seriously damage your transmission and even result in complete failure.Most Common Transmission ProblemsMost torque converter problems have to with worn needle bearings. You can tell your needle bearings are damaged by the noise that they make, which will come from your transmission when you are in a driving gear. If you hear a noise that sounds like brushing or grinding, it's time to get help from a maintenance professional.

Check Your Solenoid

The solenoid is one of the most important parts in your transmission, as it's responsible for controlling the fluid in your transmission. Your solenoid can run into problems due to its electronics or a lack of fluid in your transmission.When your solenoid malfunctions, you will notice similar issues to when your transmission fluid is leaking. If your mechanic inspects your transmission and can't find any leaks, then it usually means the problem is your solenoid.

Have Your Clutch Inspected

Another transmission problem you should look out for is a malfunctioning clutch. You can find your clutch in the torque converter. Jamming is one is one of the most common clutch problems, and when your clutch jams, it can block your solenoid, affecting the flow of fluid in your transmission. A jam clutch will usually cause gear slippage and slow shifting, meaning this issue is often mistaken for a lack of transmission fluid. Problems with your clutch can also result in a loss of engine power.

Help with Common Transmission Problems

When there's a problem with your transmission, your car won't function the way you need, if you can drive it at all. The best way to fix these common transmission problems is scheduling an appointment with the service and parts department at Fred Beans.The Fred Beans service team can inspect and repair your transmission, so you can get back on the road in Doylestown, Flemington, Philadelphia, and Mechanicsburg.

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