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Congressman speaks on healthcare reform

On March 5, Congressman Patrick Murphy spoke to nearly 165 Fred Beans employees from various divisions—as well as a handful of guests from the business community—and answered questions about healthcare reform legislation.

Patrick Murphy, right, answers questions on the healthcare bill.

Murphy was invited to the Fred Beans Ford dealership on North Easton Road, Plumstead, by Fred Beans, president of the automotive group.

The Congressman described provisions for stabilizing healthcare costs and paying for the reform measures. He anticipated immediate implementation of such features as non-discrimination clauses, universal access to health insurance and small businesses getting a 50 percent tax break on the costs of covering their employees. “Closing the donut hole”—the gap in the Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage plan that has proved so costly to seniors—would be phased in over five years.

For details on the House and Senate versions of the healthcare reform bill as well as updates, Murphy directed listeners to his website, www.PatrickMurphy.house.gov.

“I think Congressman Murphy is all about jobs, and I think he saved a lot of jobs here,” said Beans, referring to the efforts to keep the auto industry from failing and throwing even more people, potentially including those in the room, onto the unemployment rolls.