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Curious George hangs around CBW/Ford event

On August 27 from 2 to 8pm, Central Bucks West High School hosted its second Drive One 4UR School event in cooperation with Fred Beans Ford Lincoln Mercury and Ford Motor Company.

Curious George the kinkajou at CBWest this August

Next to the Mustang, the most popular site around 3pm was Curious George, a kinkajou from the Bucks County Zoo who hitched a ride from Warminster to Doylestown with Jungle Joe Fortunato, the zoo’s owner, and zoo intern Laura Wojcik. The 5-month-old cutie (that’s George, although Joe and Laura are quite nice looking, too) hails from the Central and South American rainforests. He looks a bit like a cross between a monkey and a teddy bear, and in fact these critters are called honey bears. Right now, the zoo has three kinkajous, George and two females. Life’s tough, eh, George? Kinkajous have a prehensile tail, which means he uses it almost like a third arm–swinging from trees is the obvious, but he also can wrap it around a branch to maintain his balance.

George, just hanging around with Laura

Curious George, Laura Wojcik and Jungle Joe Fortunato

Is this guy cute or what?

The Bucks County Zoo has about 70 to 80 animals, with about 60 on exhibit. A staff of 15 to 20 maintains the animals and the zoo campus. The zoo, in its third year, is open Friday and Sunday 11 to 4 and Saturday 11 to 3, with extended hours over the summer months. For more information, visit the zoo’s website: BucksCountyZoo.com. Say hi to George for all the kids at CBWest’s Drive One 4UR School.