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Delivering Medical Equipment to Hurricane Victims

On September 19, volunteers from McCafferty in Langhorne and CarStar Doylestown assisted St.Mary’s CARES in loading medical equipment into a truck that was donated by Fred Beans Family of Dealerships to help bring medical equipment across the country to help the victims of the latest hurricanes.

Our truck delivered the items to a FEMA drop site in Mechanicsburg, who then delivered the equipment to the Hurricane ravaged areas in of Houston and Florida.
Their donation consists of 11 Wheel Chairs, 46 commodes, 6 Rollators, 2 Oxygen concentrators, 115 walkers, 2 oxygen tank carriers and 78 pair of crutches.

Zach Sohmer, CarStar of Doylestown
Jeff Ford, McCafferty Langhorne
Joe Bonsted, McCafferty Langhorne
Jim Cuddahy, McCafferty Langhorne
Suzy Buehler, McCafferty Langhorne

If you ever hear of anyone that has medical equipment that they want to get rid of, this group operates on strictly donations of this type of equipment. Here is a link: