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Doylestown at Dusk Car Show draws crowds

Like the sign says, it was “something else” indeed!

The 3rd Annual Doylestown at Dusk Car Show rolled into Doylestown last Saturday afternoon and parked itself all along State and Court streets west of Main. Cars, trucks and roving crowds of people of all vintages and makes made for a rainbow of colors in the late afternoon light.

And instead of the showers that we’d been threatened with, the day stayed clear, breezy and comfortable – a welcome respite from the enervating heat and humidity the region’s been experiencing this summer.

This year’s Heart of Bucks and Doylestown Rotary event was a fundraiser for the Rotary club’s local community grants, Travis Manion Foundation Wounded Warrior Fund and the Doylestown Fire Company. Hundreds of antique and classic vehicles were displayed in the streets, which were blocked off from regular traffic for the family-friendly show. Front and center was the fire company’s ladder truck at the intersection of Clinton, State and Court, ladder high and adorned with the country’s flag.