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Doylestown Chevy hosts New Owners’ Clinic

Service manager Steve Mihalick talks to the evening's guests.

A week after Hurricane Sandy roared through the region, Fred Beans Chevrolet in Doylestown was able to hold another of its terrific clinics for new owners. The event featured a really nice buffet dinner, prizes, lots of Q&A and then time in the service department looking at vehicles just like yours – under the hood, in the cabin, around the outside and from underneath while up on the lift.

This couple won a bucket of products to help keep their Chevy looking new longer.

“This is a great time to ask the questions that pop up after you’ve been driving your new – or used – Chevy for a while,” says Steve Mihalick, service manager. “We also know that new owners are happy to hear some of the details about features on their new vehicle that they forget or maybe missed when the car was delivered. Now those details make sense, after a few hundred or several thousand miles experience on the road.”

"So if I push this button right here..."

Any Fred Beans Chevy customer can attend simply by letting your sales consultant know you’re interested – even if it’s been a year or more since you bought your car, SUV or truck from us. The events are free, and the clinics are intended to be fun as well as informative.

Oh, and all Fred Beans dealerships offer similar programs – free, with prizes and food, and full of information about your Fred Beans purchase. Just ask!

The happy recipient of the table's centerpiece

Sure, he's too young to drive or own it, but not too young to sit in it in the showroom!

A view most owners never get to see

In the showroom