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Doylestown Hospital partners with Fred Beans Ford Lincoln for 2nd test-drive fundraiser

If you could hop in a brand new Lincoln car or SUV and drive it around the block with no hassles, sales-y chatter or strings attached, would you do it?

What if taking that spin meant Lincoln Motor Company would donate $20 to Doylestown Hospital’s V.I.A. Maternity Center? Would you tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers to come by, too?

That’s what Doylestown Hospital, Fred Beans Ford Lincoln of Doylestown and Lincoln are hoping people will do when they hear about the newest Lincoln community program, its Driven to Give test-drive fundraising event. Driven to Give will be held on Thursday, June 6, from 11am to 6pm outside the hospital’s cafeteria.

Expect to see Flat Freddy, appropriately garbed, at the Driven to Give event.

Brief test-drive surveys of new Lincoln vehicles, provided by Fred Beans Ford Lincoln in Doylestown, are tallied by Lincoln, which donates $20 per qualified test drive to Doylestown Hospital, up to $6,000.

To qualify for the Lincoln donation, the test-driver must be a licensed driver 18 years or older, and only one qualified test-drive per household address is acceptable. There is absolutely no obligation to buy anything and no sales pitch…this is a no-pressure community event.

But wait, there’s more! as the TV infomercials like to say. This Driven to Give fundraiser offers an opportunity for up to 100 test-drivers to earn a bonus $20 by taking a second test-drive in a new 2013 MKS sedan. Two test drives plus one waiver/survey to complete equals an easy-peasy $40 for the Maternity Center.

And there’s even more good news: Every person who takes a test-drive in a new Lincoln at the DH test-drive event on June 6 will be entered into a raffle drawing for some fun prizes. Need not be present to win, but you do have to show up and take a drive.

Here is how it works: Show up, get a waiver/survey form at the check-in station, fill out the first part, hop into any waiting Lincoln and drive around the block with a Fred Beans representative, hop into a waiting Lincoln MKS for another quick drive, complete the brief survey, turn it in at the table, grab your goodie bag – and you’re finished! Doylestown Hospital associates and medical professionals, members of the community, nonresidents of the immediate area, ALL are invited to participate, with NO sales pitch, NO obligation to buy anything and NO commitment. Download Driven to Give Flyer.

Last December Doylestown Hospital participated in its first test-drive fundraiser with Lincoln, raising $2,100 for the hospital’s Bridge Fund, which helps cancer patients who cannot afford some aspects of their care not covered by insurance. In the past five years, Fred Beans Ford Lincoln dealerships have helped area schools and charitable organizations raise nearly $35,000 from Ford’s and Lincoln’s test-drive events.