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Drive One 4UR School delivers—big time!

Celebration! That's Barbara Beans in the yellow scarf, in the left half of the banner crowd.

All Central Bucks West’s colors were flying on Friday, November 5, at the final home football game of the season at War Memorial Field in Doylestown. Besides the black and gold of CBWest, there was a nice touch of green and gold at halftime when the Drive One 4UR School presentation was made.

Drive One 4UR School, to which Ford Motor Company pledged up to $6,000 per participating school for the school’s extracurricular programs, netted $20 for each test drive on the day of the August 27 event.

But the big payoff took place at halftime, when volunteers, cheerleaders, members of the CBW Football Parents Club and others welcomed Barbara Beans—representing event partner Fred Beans Ford Lincoln Mercury—to the arch of balloons at center field. There, Barbara presented the parents club with a check from Ford for $4,660, representing the 233 test drives taken months earlier on a hot summer day.

Here’s a report on the school’s second Drive One 4UR School event:

“Drive One 4UR School is a series of one-day test-drive events held at local high schools nationwide to help fund school sports and extracurricular activities while building the Ford brand. A local dealership agrees to sponsor an event and coordinates details with the Program Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. The dealership provides sales personnel for the event, supplies vehicles, plates and insurance for off-dealership events, works with the school’s event team, promotes the event, confirms the accurate completion of the waiver/exit surveys and returns them to Program HQ once the event is completed.

“Meanwhile, the high school booster club provides volunteers to coordinate and staff the event, displays banners around the school to generate excitement leading up to the event, promotes the event internally to students, parents, faculty and club leaders, works with dealer event team and assists in event setup and cleanup. The booster club shares its enthusiasm within and beyond the immediate school community.

“On the day of the August 2010 event, about 15 parent volunteers undertook such duties as registration and test-drive facilitator to greet drivers and direct them to the vehicles. Student videographer Amanda Sergeyev filmed the event to develop into a five-minute video to submit to the Drive One 4UR School video contest. The winner of that program has yet to be announced by Drive One HQ.

“The entire 46-member cheerleading squad participated in shifts with their coach, adding some sass and enthusiasm to the event and selling baked goods to raise money for their group.

“About 10 band members and the band director sold hot dogs, soda and water as their fundraiser.

“Meanwhile, the football team was practicing for its home scrimmage.

“The local Doylestown Wachovia bank sent its representatives to take test-drives. The bank’s manager, Kathy Howard, promoted the event internally. State representatives Kathy Watson and Marguerite Quinn test-drove cars, as did CB West’s principal, J.Kevin Munnelly.

“This year’s Drive One 4UR School event was planned by Tammy Sergeyev, chair of Fundraising, and the 2010 co-presidents, Kerry Udinski and John Stella.

“The check was presented by Barbara Beans, manager of Fleet Sales for Fred Beans Family of Dealerships.”

Congratulations to all who made this event such a rousing success. According to Tammy Sergeyev, get ready for 2011!