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Drive One 4UR School returns to CB West in August

The Central Bucks West Football Parents Club is out to beat last year’s terrific results of its Ford Drive One 4UR School fundraiser, which earned the club $4,660.

Last August, Mike McGrath prepared to test-drive a hot red Mustang with Brian Lambing, left, of Fred Beans Ford. Tammy Sergeyev, right, is coordinating the Drive One 4UR School event for a second year.

Here’s how it works: Ford Motor Company donates $20 — up to $6,000 — for every test drive taken in selected Ford vehicles during a registered Drive One for UR School event. The first year, the CB West club raised $1,800. This year, it aims to go for the whole enchilada, 300 test drives and $6,000.

Gary Glauser, sales manager at Fred Beans Ford, and the club’s fundraising chairperson Tammy Sergeyev selected Friday, August 26, from 11:00 till 7:00 for the 2011 event along McFarlane Lane at the Doylestown high school. Glauser and a team of sales personnel from the dealership will be on hand with cars and trucks, ready to take drivers 18 years and older for their test drives. The parents club will assemble a large number of volunteers who will register drivers and manage the forms to assure an accurate count for Ford.

“This is exciting news for the parents’ football club, cheerleaders and band members as we all work together to achieve our goal of 300 test drives,” says Sergeyev.

This once again coincides with the football team’s home scrimmage, which in itself will bring out interested people who can help propel the fundraiser to success. The Beans family, including Fred Beans himself and his daughter, Fleet Group manager Barbara Beans, have offered to become more involved personally to help boost participation.

Mark your calendars for August 26 and look for more information in the weeks ahead on how you can participate as a driver or a volunteer to ensure the success of this Drive One 4UR School event. Meanwhile, learn more on the Ford Drive One 4UR School website or Facebook page.