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Download Our FREE Guide to Keeping Your Brakes in Check eBook!

The brake system is one of the most important systems in your vehicle. It doesn’t matter where you’re going in the areas of Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, and Flemington, it’s vital to have brakes that work. To help local drivers keep their brakes in check so they can drive confidently and safely, we at Fred Beans […]

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Car Battery Care Checklist

The battery in your car is responsible for a variety of different but equally important jobs. Without it, you won’t be able to get anywhere. That’s why it’s so important for drivers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, and Flemington to take good care of their car battery. To help you do this correctly and comprehensively, we […]

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Used Car Financing Guide

Used Car Financing FAQs

If you’re thinking about making your next car a used car, you probably have a million questions about how you’re going to finance it. To help you get through the financing process easily and confidently, we at Fred Beans have put together this FREE Used Car Financing FAQs eBook. Inside this eBook, you’ll find all […]

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How to Buy a Car Under In Hour

How to Buy a New Car in Under an Hour

Not only is the car-buying process enjoyable and exciting, it can also be quick if you know what you’re doing. In this How to Buy a New Car in Under an Hour guide, shoppers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, and Flemington will learn how to shorten the car buying process. In this detailed step-by-step guide, we […]

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10-Minute Auto Repair Guide

10-Minute Automotive Repair Guide

Throughout its lifetime, your vehicle is going to need maintenance. With so many parts making up your vehicle, there’s a lot to remember when it comes to servicing it. That’s why we at Fred Beans have put together this helpful The 10-Minute Automotive Repair Guide! In this FREE informational guide, we’ll go over a variety […]

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How a Car Engine Works

Do you ever think about what goes into the machines you use every day? Have you ever wanted to learn more about the parts and design that went into your car to help you get around? Fred Beans compiled this guide for you to explore every step of the process. With this FREE eBook, How […]

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Commercial Truck Maintenance Guide

A lot goes in to driving and maintaining a commercial vehicle. Whether you’re driving a tow truck or an 18-wheeler tractor unit, it’s important for commercial truck drivers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg and Flemington to properly maintain their vehicles. To give you a better understanding of how to do that, we at Fred Beans have […]

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Car Detailing Tips & Tricks

Detailing your vehicle is an important part of the resell or trade-in process. However, you could also detail your vehicle just for the sake of making it look nice again. Whatever your reason is for detailing your vehicle is, we at Fred Beans are here to help you get the job done with our FREE […]

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Steps to Take After an Accident

Unfortunately, driving a vehicle means there’s always a chance that you’ll be involved in an accident. Luckily, there are resources like our Steps to Take After an Accident Checklist to help you if you ever find yourself in that situation. This informational checklist put together by our team at Fred Beans will teach you everything […]

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Your Guide to Engine Oil

Your engine oil is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. To give our new and returning customers a better idea of what oil does and how to maintain it, our team at Fred Beans has put together this informational guide to engine oil. In our free Guide to Engine Oil eBook, you’ll […]

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