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Enviro experts take their knowledge to CB West students


Experts in a variety of environmental fields participated in a special program for Bill Licopoli’s Advanced Placement Environmental Class at Central Bucks West on December 16.

Bruce Hembrick, Chevy Volt specialist at Fred Beans Chevrolet, explains the features of this plug-in electric with a battery-charging, range-extending gas engine.

The event gave the high school students an opportunity to hear from people who are in the business of keeping the planet green through strategies, products and corrective measures. Sharon Haas, Environmental Specialist with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Air Quality group – and a local resident – helped assemble an impressive slate of competent presenters for the program, as she has for several years now. Ms. Haas also provided statistics and strategies in the ongoing efforts to reduce pollution and the impact of industrialization and the use of fossil fuels.

John Kachmar, certified Leaf specialist at Fred Beans Nissan, tells the students about the Leaf’s all-electric plug-in engine.

“It was great to have the two Fred Beans representatives, Bruce Hembrick and John Kachmar, with two beautiful electric vehicles to help teach the students the importance of air pollution control and the role of clean vehicles like the Volt and the Leaf,” said Haas. “It wouldn’t have been a complete lesson without these cars and the reps’ presentations.”

All photos, credit: Lynette Rosenbaum

John Welsh is Lower Merion School District’s compressed natural gas (CNG) bus driver and instructor. He shows the students around the environmental features of the vehicle, which is powered by a petroleum derivative that burns cleaner to do less damage to the environment than gasoline.

Dhungjoo Kim, a junior from New Britain, settles into the driver’s seat of the Chevy Volt.

Peter Russo, of Peter F. Russo Oilfields Services, and his associate Judy Dallas. Peter presented in the classroom portion of the morning’s program, explaining his company’s strategies to help mitigate environmental damage in primarily third-world countries.

Amanda Sergeyev, a senior from New Britain, and teacher Bill Licopoli examine the trunk area of the Chevrolet Volt – a plug- in electric that uses a small gasoline-powered engine to recharge the battery and extend the vehicle’s range on a single charge.