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First Equus rolls out of Hyundai showroom

Mounir Sadat is all smiles with his 2011 Equus.

It was a birthday surprise for the books.

Mounir Sadat of Newtown did his due diligence—calling for information, coming in for a test drive, researching Hyundai’s new luxury sedan—before placing his order with Kyle Hill, sales consultant, on January 4. He knew he’d have to wait a while and was prepared to be patient.

And then, his wife, Sally Abu-Moustafa, quietly let Kyle know that Sunday the 23rd was Mounir’s birthday. When it turned out that the 2011 Equus Signature would be ready for delivery the Saturday before, Kyle and Sally came up with a plan for a birthday surprise.

And oh, what a surprise it was!

Mounir Sadat and Sally Abu-Moustafa

“When Sally and Mounir wandered in that Saturday,” says Kyle, “he took a look at the granite grey vehicle with the saddle interior that was in the Equus showroom and said, ‘Look, Sally, this is the interior I want.’”

Kyle asked him, “Isn’t it your birthday tomorrow?” then tossed him the keys. “Happy birthday!”

“He was in shock for the rest of the time here. When we finally got to go over the vehicle, he was grinning from ear to ear!”

Everyone who sees it loves the Equus. “It’s a beautiful vehicle,” says Kyle. “Five-year, 60,000-mile free maintenance, comfortable ride, seat massager, ride height control.”

Mounir and Kyle Hill with big smiles--and the Equus Signature sedan

The Signature trim package starts at $58,000, while the fully loaded Ultimate comes in at $64,500. And that’s thousands less than Equus’s primary competitor, the Lexus LS 460 with its base price of $65,380.