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First-Person Single: Messing with websites

Back in April 2009, when Fred Beans Automotive Group launched this WordPress site to hold Driving Times articles and images, the intent was for this to serve as an online supplement to the printed Driving Times newsletter, which was first published back in 2002 for Fred Beans customers and employees.

However, as so often happens when technology advances and trends rise and fall, the emphasis flipped. The print newsletter soon became the quarterly supplement to the ongoing, continually updated Driving Times blog.

WordPress began its life as a platform for bloggers, and the creators have made it incredibly easy to operate our DT website as a blog. But after nearly four years with the same look, I’m ready to experiment. And you know what that means…

…Yep, lots and lots of opportunities to mess things up, have stories that don’t load right, photos that are too large or too small or not there at all and, for anyone reading the blog, confusion when you try to find something.

So right up front, I am apologizing for any issues I create while messing with this website and trying to improve its appearance and make information more accessible.

And I invite you to comment if you see something you like (or hate) or have a topic or image you would like to see here. Thanks for your patience and your input.

Anne Biggs, editor, DrivingTimes.FredBeans.com