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Flat Freddy shows up at Bucks County Library Center

The infamous and nearly ubiquitous Flat Freddy was spotted recently in the community display window of the Bucks County Library Center in Doylestown. He’s part of CB Cares’ Happy Holidays display, which shows library patrons some of the programs the nonprofit organization has brought to Central Bucks.

The slim little fellow is dressed for the season in a sporty scarf and posed next to a Safe Driving Contract. That initiative was a collaboration between CB Cares and Fred Beans Family of Dealerships, designed to help teens and parents discuss and establish the rules, expectations and consequences that come with teen driving privileges.

As many of you know, Flat Freddy loves to read. So don’t be surprised to discover him sneaking out of the display case and into the library to while away the hours with a good book.

This great display features Flat Freddy over on the far right.