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From the Inbox: ‘Best experience ever had getting out of a dealership’

In the past 10 days, my wife and I purchased two new cars from you, a Cadillac XTS and a Chevrolet Volt. The first person we met in your Cadillac dealership was Stephen Svarczkopf.

2014 Cadillac XTS

2014 Chevy Volt

I initially inquired over the Internet and I guess he was assigned to us. [Originally we believed we had a signed deal with another dealership, so I ignored Stephen’s first two calls, but it fell through.] Stephen called again the day after and I finally answered the phone.

His persistence paid off for both of us. We talked a bit and I ran down to Doylestown to talk to him in person. I’d much rather to talk to someone face to face. I guess it’s my generation. Immediately Stephen made a great impression on me. He answered all of my questions, took great care to understand what my wife and I wanted in a new Cadillac and, although the exact care was not available on your lot, he quickly found just what we wanted and arranged to have it delivered.

Stephen is an asset to your organization and certainly “added value” to our experience. I could go on about the day of delivery and how much time he spent with my wife going over the electronics in the Cadillac and his volunteering to help her any time she had a question, but you get the picture. It was a cash deal, so our experience with Irv in the finance office was short, to the point and frankly, the best experience I’ve ever had getting out of a dealership.

A week later on a whim and due to the generous rebate offered by General Motors, I called Stephen about a new Volt. I came down and in one morning was out the door in my new Volt. What a great car the Volt is. I think I’d rather drive the Volt, challenging myself to improve mileage, than ride in the comfort of the Cadillac.

Well, I’ve rambled enough, but wanted to give you some flavor for how wonderful I thought my experience with Fred Beans was. Be assured I will, without hesitation, recommend your dealerships to friends and family.

—D.R., Quakertown