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Fred Beans Donates $30,000 to Hepatitis B Foundation

The Fred Beans Family of Dealerships donated $30,000 as part of the EITC program, which is an initiative that uses tax deferred donations for educational programs. The Hepatitis B Foundation is a science based enrichment program offered to Bucks County students.

They have a variety of science based education programs including a two-week High School Science Enrichment Program for talented high school students interested in learning about research, biotechnology and public health in the context of hepatitis B and liver cancer. They gain unique “hands on” experience at the HBF’s Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center in state-of-the-art research labs under the guidance of senior scientists. They also host an AP Chemistry Class at the PA Biotechnology Center for 15 students comprised of 5 students from each of the Central Bucks School District’s 3 high schools. They offer an after school program that pairs students with mentors in the labs during the school year for six hours a week that includes doing their own lab work.

The Fred Beans Organization is proud to have supported the Hepatitis B Foundation for the past few years. Their work in the community allows teens to get hands on experience in lab that they otherwise wouldn’t. And the pay off is that many of these students go onto a science based degree program after high school. Fred Beans has supported the Bucks County community and educational efforts for over 30 years and will continue to do so in the future.