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Fred Beans EV Team hosts 2nd Annual Electric Cars Expo

The Fred Beans EV Team from Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan and Toyota is putting the focus on electric vehicles for its 2nd Annual E-Cars Expo, open to the public from 9am to 3pm on Saturday, October 12, under the tent next to Fred Beans Autorent and Fred Beans Mitsubishi on North Easton Road, Doylestown.

The Expo is designed as an educational event for the community, providing an overview of affordable electric plug-in vehicles from several manufacturers as well as an understanding of the current technology and a glimpse into its future.

Ken Dragos of Bedminster, Volt owner, talks about his driving experiences at last year's Expo.

“Last year we focused on the environmental impact of the new technology for hybrids as well as electrics,” says John Kachmar, certified specialist for the Nissan Leaf electric plug-in at Fred Beans Nissan. “This year we want to dig a little deeper into plug-in electric vehicles and how driving an EV impacts consumers’ lifestyles. How are plug-ins different from hybrids; how are they the same? What is ‘range anxiety’? What assistance can buyers get from the government through tax credits?

“Our objective is not to sell but to share what we and others in related industries know. The technology is changing so quickly that consumers often find themselves trailing behind in their understanding of what is available. We’re hoping to make a difference in that respect. ”

The Expo, a free event open to the community, will feature walk-arounds and test-drives throughout the day for electric plug-in vehicles manufactured by Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan and Toyota.

EV experts were on hand at the 1st Annual E-Cars Expo, held just days after Hurricane Sandy passed through -- and just hours after power was restored to all Fred Beans Doylestown facilities!

Presentations under the Expo tent start at 11:00am:

  • “How Can Uncle Sam Help Me Own an EV?” – Jay Goldman, CPA, from Boyer & Ritter CPAs, who will discuss potential tax breaks for EV purchases
  • “The Future of Driving Electric” – Jonathan Oakley, director of Strategic Marketing/EVs, from AeroVironment, makers of home and commercial charging stations
  • “Wheels to the Road in an EV” – Ford Motor Company EV product specialist John Possumato
  • “Making EVs Mainstream” – EV advocate Michael Craner. Craner, co-founder of Renew America Roadtrip, is back for a second year with the Fred Beans E-Cars Expo.

An open Q&A session will follow.

Exhibitors who have already committed include EV experts from Fred Beans Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan and Toyota dealerships; PECO; Plug-In America; Renew America Roadtrip; Charged Up Car; AeroVironment; Eastern Electric Vehicle Club and Advanced Solar Industries. A designated meet-and-greet area for EV owners should give ample opportunity for owners to share experiences among themselves and with others.

Refreshments will be served, including bounty from local farms, and door prizes will be awarded throughout the day.

“We’ve planned a lot of time for people to ask questions and compare the products and technology that are out there today,” Kachmar says. “We think it will be a lot of fun for everyone.”

For more information:
Fred Beans E-Cars Expo  or ftwfbg.wpengine.com
Location: 835 N. Easton Rd, Doylestown PA 18902