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Fred Beans Hyundai welcomes South Korean delegation

Pastor Steven Chang, the group’s interpreter; Fred Beans; and Hwang Heung-Goo, deputy mayor of the Namdong district

Ten delegates from the Namdong-Gu province of South Korea, in town last week to follow up on the partnership between the Republic of Korea and the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce, spent a portion of their Wednesday morning at the Fred Beans Hyundai dealership on West Swamp Road in Doylestown.

They were warmly welcomed to the newly renovated Hyundai showroom by Fred Beans. On hand to add to the welcome were several of Beans’s right-hand men—including his right-hand woman, vice president Beth Beans Gilbert. Matt Tucker, general manager of the Hyundai dealership, provided a tour of the service and parts department after a light breakfast and speeches.
“I think we’ve been able to accomplish here what we’ve wanted to accomplish in other places but weren’t able to,” Beans said through translator Steven Chang, pastor of Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church in Horsham. “The quality of the product is, in my opinion, as good as it gets in America. I believe the future of our company would be to invest in another Hyundai dealership.”

Hyundai has made good on its promise to greatly improve its reputation and to gain market share. In just a few years, it has demonstrated an almost meteoric rise from low-end carmaker to winner of the 2009 North American Car of the Year for the Genesis and the one car company to thrive during the darkest days of the economic downturn that had other imports and domestics struggling. Kia, Hyundai’s lower-priced, more economical offering, is quickly gaining a following among consumers for its value, style and reliability.

Matt Tucker shows his guests the service department.

Beans said that the recently renovated Hyundai facility was built to allow every customer to see every piece of the operations.

“We wanted to have a facility where everything would be exposed to our customers, so they could see their car being worked on, see another customer buying a car. More than that, I hope our facility creates a feeling of integrity, honesty and trust,” Beans said.

Last fall, Fred Beans visited the Hyundai and Kia manufacturing facilities in Seoul, South Korea, at the invitation of Hyundai Motors Ltd., parent company of the two brands. He has since opened a Kia showroom in Limerick, and the Hyundai dealership recently moved from North Easton Road to this new location on West Swamp Road in Plumstead Township, former home to Fred Beans Saturn.

Kim Duk Bae, center, and Kim Yun Sik, president, Incheon Headquarters of Small & Medium Business Corporation

Kim Duk Bae, president of Namdong Industrial Complex Management Association and of Saehan Polmer Co., and Steven Chang, the group’s interpreter

Hwang Heung-Goo, deputy mayor of the Namdong district, with Rob Szpanka, right, Fred Beans controller

South Korean delegation in Parts, with Steven Chang, right