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Fred Beans Movie Night another blast

More events slated for AutoRewards members

Enthusiastic crowds of all ages made their way to the Regal Barn Cinema in Doylestown on a recent Tuesday evening in May. Two 300-seat theaters, reserved for just Fred Beans AutoRewards members and their families and friends, filled with young people of all ages, primed to watch Iron Man 2. (And to see reformed bad-boy Robert Downey Jr.) Despite a glitch in the projection system that halted the adventure for about 10 minutes, it was a great show and a delightful evening.

And we’re not stopping there, either! We are scheduling more family-styled activities for our AutoRewards members over the summer, including more movies and sporting events. Because all invitations are sent via email, we’ll need to have your current email address. And if you aren’t an AutoRewards member now, you may want to check it out. See your cashier, sales or service representative at any Fred Beans dealership: they have all the answers.