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Fred Beans participates in economic summit

On May 19, Doylestown’s Delaware Valley College and the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce hosted a three-hour Economic Summit: Succeeding in the New Economy. It featured 19 business experts—including Fred Beans—from several industries in the SE Pennsylvania region—healthcare, education, automotive, energy, real estate, legal and financial—and elected officials from local and state government.

Moderated by TV host Lynn Doyle, the two separate panels of experts and an audience of some 100 men and women from small and medium-sized area businesses discussed the good, the bad and the future of this downturn. What’s different from previous recessions we’ve experienced? What can we do to keep our businesses going? But even more significant: What can we learn from this and how do we take advantage of the situation to emerge from the crisis as better citizens and stronger business leaders?

The consensus seemed to be that “hunkering down” and doing nothing isn’t a very good idea. Instead, businesspeople were urged to take this opportunity to plan and enact the changes they should have made before this hit: re-evaluate business practices, refine missions, re-envision where you want to be when the upswing starts, and establish the steps that will get you to your goals.

Local summits like this promote fresh thinking and encourage all businesses to become agile enough to respond quickly when whatever comes, comes.

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