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Fred Beans Parts Power Stroke Diesel team earns accolades

From left: Ed Enskat, Blue Diamond; Jim Cipriano, Blue Diamond; Denny Loux, operations director for Fred Beans Parts; Russ Graeber, operations manager, FB Parts; Joseph Lee, sales manager, FB Parts; Mick Padgeon, FB Parts; Jay Jaisle, sales manager, FB Parts; and Fred Beans, president.

The Ford Power Stroke® Diesel sales team at Fred Beans Parts Warehouse in Doylestown was recognized for its 2011 sales achievements, receiving the prestigious Million Dollar Club award and the Top 50 Club award from Blue Diamond executives in May.

Blue Diamond is the company formed from the partnership between Ford Motor Company and International Trucks/Navistar to develop diesel engines and their corresponding parts for Ford trucks and vans. Power Stroke Diesel was the name given to all of the diesel engines produced by Blue Diamond and to any Ford truck featuring this engine. Ford Super Duty® truck owners have made the Power Stroke the best-selling diesel engine in America.

“Exceeding a million dollars in sales and finishing in the top 50 dealers in the country in total sales are major accomplishments for this sales team,” says Joseph S. Lee, sales manager for Fred Beans Parts and NAPA of Doylestown.

“The real credit belongs to our countermen Jose Arroyo, Bob Ganther, Phil Brandt, Darren McGettigan, Dennis Yates and Don Campbell and to outside salesmen George Wright and Phil Clarke. They do the hard work of selling Ford diesel products to our many parts customers.”