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Fred Beans Towing & Recovery van gets around

Fred Beans Towing & Recovery van

Tim Gardner and his Fred Beans Towing & Recovery van were spotted on South Clinton in Doylestown around 6:00pm on a recent Tuesday, where Tim was making quick work of a tire change for a customer in need.

The distinctive Ford Transit Connect, one of two in operation for the Towing department since 2008, provides necessary minor automotive services for AAA members and others who call the roadside assist number provided by their insurance carriers or 215.345.8080. Towing & Recovery services that get you on your way again fast include the aforementioned tire changing, battery charging and replacement, fuel delivery and a host of minor, in-place repairs and adjustments. And if a tow back to a service facility is indeed in order, that’s arranged, too.

Tim Gardner makes fast work of a tire change -- and customer stays clean!

“Our customers aren’t paying for a tow for a minor repair that we can make on the spot,” says John Wachowicz, Towing manager. “It’s a great convenience and additional option for our customers, especially one-vehicle families, commuters and those physically incapable of changing a tire, for example. Then again, techs like Tim Gardner are able to assess engine or drive-train issues that do require in-shop time, tools and parts.”

Battery service, minor repairs and adjustments, tire changes...