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Fredbook fans find fun, tips, savings

Fredbook is great fun and a huge success. Just ask any of the 2,143 fans to date of the Facebook fanpage.

“Our fan base is growing every day,” says Keith Campbell, who monitors the site and helps keep it fresh and appealing. “Fans appreciate the daily content and regular promotions, as well as the quick response to any questions or concerns they express.”

Features of the site include useful automotive tips and information posted regularly – daily, weekly and monthly – and frequent coupons and offers.

Then there are the quarterly promotions that raise the ante as fans vie for prizes. Bieber Fever won a lucky Fredbook fan two tickets to a Justin Beiber concert. Set Sail with Flat Freddy sent a fan and a guest on a Bahamas cruise.

“The thing is,” says Keith, “Fredbook is constantly changing, so it’s worth your while to check in frequently when you’re online…you never know when you might be the lucky winner, whether it’s a great offer for automotive services or tickets for a sports event or travel.”