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How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

In order to keep your vehicle running the way it should, you need to keep up with its recommended maintenance schedule. One thing you’ll see frequently on this schedule is oil changes. These are imperative to the well-being of your vehicle but drivers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, and Flemington may be putting them off because they think it’ll eat up a lot of their time.

Not to worry! We at Fred Beans have put together this guide to help clear up any confusion you may have surrounding oil changes. Read ahead to learn about the importance of oil changes, what the oil change process is, and how long an oil change takes!

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Why You Need to Change Your Oil

How Long Does an Oil Change Take?As we touched on a bit below, changing your oil regularly is important because your car can’t function properly without oil. With such an important job to do, your oil needs to be diligently taken care of to ensure that you get where you need to go without any issues.

Your oil is in charge of two things. One, it lubricates your engine and its many moving parts to ensure that they all work together smoothly without creating dangerous friction. Two, your oil also cleans your engine. As it’s lubricating the engine, it picks up dirt and dust and whisks it away to prevent build-up.

The Oil Change Process

Though it’s an essential part of your maintenance schedule, it’s nothing to be stressed about. In fact, the oil change process is relatively simple that starts with finding a service center with expertly trained service technicians.

These technicians are trained to deal with all kinds of problems with your vehicle. So, when it comes to simple routine maintenance procedures like oil changes, you have nothing to worry about when your vehicle is in their care.

The technician will first drain your old oil. Then, if need be, the technician will replace your engine oil filter. Lastly, your old oil will be replaced with brand new oil that’s compatible with your vehicle, be it conventional, synthetic, or somewhere in between.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take?One last check will be performed by the technician to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that nothing else needs to be looked at under the hood. That’s it! Your vehicle is ready to get back on the road.

How Long an Oil Change Actually Takes

As you can see by the simplicity of this process, it won’t take long to have your oil changed. When everything is said and done, your oil change service appointment will have taken between 30 and 45 minutes. This little bit of time is a small price to pay when you consider all the damage you’ll potentially have to repair if you put oil changes off for too long.

Ready for an Oil Change?

Now that you know how simple and easy it is to get your vehicle’s oil changed, we hope you’re feeling confident about your next service appointment. Is it about that time? Drivers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Mechanicsburg, and Flemington can give us a call any time to schedule a service appointment!

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