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How to Change a Flat Tire PA

Woman Changing a Flat TireImagine you’re cruising along the streets of Philadelphia, Doylestown, Flemington or Mechanicsburg when you suddenly hear a loud pop. Your steering wheel starts to vibrate, and your car starts turning to one side. A flapping sound can be heard just outside the cabin, and you struggle to get as far to the right as possible to pull over. You’ve just gotten a flat tire. What are you going to do next?

You could always call someone to help you, but you have a spare tire in the back. Why not just fix the issue yourself? Fortunately, changing a flat tire is easier than a lot of people might think. You just need to know what to do. Learn how to change a flat tire and discover what’s required to get your car back on the road.

Get Somewhere Safe

How to Change a Flat TireThe first thing you need to do is get somewhere safe. It’s dangerous to drive a car with a flat tire, but it’s even more dangerous to stop in the middle of the highway. It’s helpful to turn on your hazard lights as you make your way to the side of the road. Go ahead and keep them on for the entire process, so other drivers know to avoid you.

Secure Your Vehicle

Once you’re in a safe location, apply your parking brake to ensure your car doesn’t roll away for any reason. Additionally, you can be extra safe by applying wheel wedges to your wheels. If you don’t have any, bricks or stones can do the job as well, assuming they’re the right size. Whatever item you use, put them in front of the wheel set that doesn’t have a flat. If your flat tire is in the front, for example, put them in front of the rear wheels.

Remove the Old Wheel

Access your wheel’s lug nuts and loosen them a bit until they break resistance. Only after that should you use the jack to lift your vehicle. There should be a piece of exposed metal under your vehicle to use the jack on, so make sure you lift from that point. Lift your car until the wheel is about six inches off the ground. After that, remove the lug nuts entirely. This allows you to take the tire completely off. Just make sure you’re keeping track of the lug nuts.

Put On the Spare

Changing a Tire on Your CarTo attach the spare tire, you need to line up the rim of the wheel with the lug bolts. The bolts should show through the rim to let you know it’s aligned correctly. Then, put the lug nuts back on and tighten them as much as you can using only your hands. Once you’re satisfied, lower the vehicle until the new tire is touching the ground but isn’t dealing with the full weight of the vehicle. Use the wrench to tighten the lug nuts as far as they can before lowering the vehicle completely. Put all your equipment away and you’re done.

Our Tire Services

Now that you know how to change a flat tire, your spare tire will be of help in the heat of the moment, but you’re going to need a replacement at some point. Whether you want to try and get your flat tire repaired or just want to buy a new one, Fred Beans is your best bet in the Philadelphia, Doylestown, Flemington and Mechanicsburg areas. Our tire center offers a wide variety of options, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more.