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Iacocca Mustang lands in West Chester

It rolls into Fred Beans of West Chester every so often for service. Number 22 of just 45 Ford Mustangs customized in 2009 to Lee Iacocca’s standards, this one is registered to a member of the Iacocca family. Mario Tagliaferri, Internet manager for the West Chester store, took some close-up photos to share with other Mustang enthusiasts within the Beans organization.

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“I wanted to get good shots of the creative lines from the roofline going in to the trunk rear area and how cleanly they taper off,” he says. “Also, just below the rear tail lights, you can see how nicely the dual exhaust is incorporated into the rear bumper. In the front, the lines change on the hood. The louvers that were customized to go over the rear side glass is a nice touch, along with the custom Iacocca chrome wheels and badges on the exterior of the car.

“I really did not get a good interior shot because our service department was working on the car, but I can tell you the driver and passenger front seats are embroidered with the Iacocca badge in black on black material, much like what is shown in the online photo. All 45 are produced the same, with the exception of a choice between two 4.6 liter V-8 motors with Ford Racing Division upgrades. This one is equipped with the upgrade to 400hp.”